CoolBitX Blockchain Security Company Teams Up With Circle And USDC Gets Support On CoolWalletS For Easy And Secure Exchanges

Digital assets can be very volatile, and their prices can fluctuate on a daily basis.

This is the main reason for which friction-free trading became a must these days in order to lead the path towards mass adoption of cryptos.

Cryptos have to be changed for fiat currencies, and a lot of exchanges are vulnerable and exposed to hacking these days.

More than that, trading crypto for fiat requires a lot of time and higher fees compared to crypto to crypto trades.

All these factors are building the lack of trust in digital assets, along with the incapacity of storing them physically.

This is where cold wallets and stablecoins come into the picture.

CoolBitX teams up with Circle

Unlike regular tokens, stablecoins are cryptos that are pegged to a stable asset.

Global crypto finance company Circle launched their own coin USDC, and this is a full reserve US dollar-backed stablecoin based on the CENTRE project. Each token has the value of one US dollar.

Circle’s primary mission is to make it possible for anyone to help change the global economy and at the moment the company offers four products: Circle Invest, Circle Pay, Circle Trade, and Poloniex.

CoolBitX is a secure crypto hardware wallet producer who decided to team up with Circle.

Anyone who owns a CoolWalletS can, from now on, store the USDC stable coin initially launched by Circle on their secure hardware wallet and swap it out for other tokens.

CoolBitX’s native app is the more straightforward and clean crypto management tools out there, and it’s attached to the most secure hardware storage option that’s available on the market.

CoolWalletS is the best choice for USDC storage and management

The CoolWalletS comes with a 2+1 factor authentication security and also a physical confirmation button that’s placed on the card in order to prevent hacking attempts.

The app and card operate independently without involving any third-party plugins or key sharing.

From now on, investments on CoolBitX are secure, and the combination of simple design, tremendous mobility, fast exchange, and enhanced security make the CoolWalletS the best choice for USDC storage and management.

“USDC is more than just an incremental improvement on open and inclusive stablecoins,” said Michael Ou, Founder and CEO of CoolBitX.

He continued and explained that USDC is a massive improvement on asset-backed stablecoins thanks to its ability to scale.

CoolBitX is backed by $13 million in funding from investors such as Bitmain and SBI Holdings, and the company believes that faster, decentralized blockchain technology can pave the way for mass adoption.

The combination of USDC and CoolWalletS will play a huge role in minimizing digital asset exchange volatility and maximizing the ease and security of crypto exchange.

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