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Founded in 2017, CGCX set out with a mission to be leaders in offering blockchain solutions to the rapidly growing global blockchain community. CGCX is the World’s First Insured hybrid Crypto Platform which has the digital assets of all traders on their exchange insured against cyber-attacks and hacks. CGCX’s suite of services which makes it a Hybrid Crypto Exchange are Cryptocurrency Trading, Token Listing, Merchant Solutions & Smart contracts, Margin Trading, Crypto Lending, etc.

CGCX had a successful ICO which led to them raising over $32.5 million. The tokens are currently being distributed in a phased manner and starting October 1st 2018, they enabled the utility feature of the CGCX token. This development allows traders to leverage the various advantages of the token. Now traders on the CGCXplatform can use the token for transactions on the platform and receive a 50% discount on the transaction fee. Users can trade CGCX, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETH & XRP. The capability of the utility token stretches beyond discounts on the transaction fee. Some other salient utility features include;

– Preferred mode of payments with merchants: Users can get discounts from various merchants when payments are made using the CGCX token.

– Participate in Token voting: Using the CGCX token, traders can vote for various tokens to be listed on the CGCX platform.

– Payments on CGCX Smart Contracts Platform: Users can use the CGCX token to make payments for transaction charges while making escrow and settlements for Smart Contracts.

– Use as margin deposit for Crypto Margin Trading Platform.

Learning from their struggles in the early days, the leadership team at CGCX understands the problems faced by new projects trying to list their tokens post-ICO, and as per their CEO, Anandh Swami, they want to extend a helping arm to the ecosystem. In a recent conversation with Oracle Times, Anandh said – “We personally had a successful ICO launch and we understand the complications involved in the token listing process. Hence, we want to help entrepreneurs in the crypto industry that are looking at listing their tokens for a nominal fee. What you get in return is a gamut of services including expert guidance, legal know-how and checks, token listing, launch and overall day to day management. When launching your token with the help of CGCX, you get access to our exceptional token value management system.”

Continuing on their path to expansion and success, CGCX also made a big news-flash in the merchant solutions space with their recent tie-up with the Archipelago Group which will allow over 1.5 million customers to pay for their insurance using Crypto & CGCX utility tokens. Details about the partnership can be reviewed in further detail at

The team at Oracle times would like to wish CGCX all the very best for all their future endeavors and we hope they continue serving and helping the crypto & blockchain community to expand further. Visit the CGCX website to know more about their project and services, and join their Telegram community to have a quick chat with any of their team members @CGCXio or email at [email protected]for questions regarding ICO Listing Services.

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