Buzzex Global Crypto Exchange Provides Liquidity In All Markets And The Best Trading Prices 

These days coin developer teams are cutting down on costs and a system in which trading platforms would give back to the community would be something great.

This would definitely support the global blockchain and crypto ecosystem grow and further develop. Thankfully, there is such a crypto exchange, and it’s called Buzzex.

Buzzex crypto exchange is based in the UK, and the platform just began trading.

The global crypto exchange is a new trading platform that has been built by crypto enthusiasts and flaunts a bunch of unique features in the crypto space.

The platform enables traders to maximize the profits with each trade and, more than that, it will also open over 100 active coins and crypto markets.

The Smart Order Routing System

Buzzex makes use of a smart order routing system which displays orders in its order book and also the best orders from other liquidity sources as well.

This will result in guaranteed liquidity in all markets from the very first day.

More liquidity sources will be connected, and traders will be able to maximize profits and get the best buying and selling prices.

There will also be the fastest execution of trades due to multiple sources for filling orders.

Arbitrage plugin

Traders will also be able to benefit from the arbitrage plugin according to the official press release.

All traders who are holding coins on the platform will get the ability to grow them in the wallets without having to trade.

The plugin will perform the trades for them, on multiple platforms at the same time.

Buzzex coins

Buzzex coins are utility coins, and they are built on the Buzzex blockchain.

Traders will be able to get up to 100% discount on trading fees and also earn part of the daily trading fees in BTC, ETH or USDT, by simply holding them in their Buzzex wallet.

The coin provides holders voting power as well, and they can decide which coins will be added on the platform.

During the first six months of trading, users will earn BZX as fee cashback at a rate of $0.13 on the platform.

$13 million trading competition

Every coin will have its own mini-trading competition which will last for six months. 100 million BZX will be distributed to about 4,400 traders.

Traders who have the highest volume will win 20k BZX, and they’ll become qualified to trade with zero fees and also earn daily fees in all base currencies forever.

Coin partner program

Last but not least, every coin project that gets validated during the trading competition will be able to earn 1 million BZX for developing their project.

It’s also important to note that only the first 100 projects that get validated will be able to acquire the 1 million BZX.


Closing words

Buzzex’s main goal is to provide liquidity in all markets and offer a vast variety of crypto, along with the best prices for buying and selling digital assets – and all of this during the fastest order execution and with maximum profit for traders.

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