Bity, Respected Crypto Broker With ATMs Across Switzerland, Hints On Monero (XMR) Integration

Bity, a respected cryptocurrency broker with numerous Bitcoin ATMs in Switzerland has hinted on the possibility of integration Monero on its ATM any moment from now.

Today, Bity displayed Monero logo with Ethereum, saying it is cooking something big. The platform’s BTMs offer the convenience and flexibility of instantly buying or selling bitcoin with Swiss Francs (CHF) or Euro (EUR) at different physical kiosks across the country.

One important nature of Bity’s BTMs is that they do not require customers to have accounts with them or complete any identity verification despite the growing demand for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Although the platform sets a maximum sell and buy volume, equivalent to 5,000 CHF, however, Bity’s BTMs allow for private BTC transactions without anybody’s intervention.

Being a privacy coin, Monero, a digital currency like Bitcoin that offers a remarkable level of security and anonymity for users and their transactions, will extraordinarily perform excellently on the platform.

The Monero ledger does not record the exact stealth addresses of parties to transactions. In the same vein, recorded one-time created address is intentionally not linked to the exact addresses of the parties involved in transactions.

One Of The Brains Behind Monero Awarded

Last week, Associate Professor Joseph Liu of Monash University Australia received a prestigious award from the country’s computer society.

Joseph was celebrated and awarded as the Australian Computer Society’s (ACS) researcher of the year at an event tagged the annual disruptor awards.

He was celebrated for his outstanding and unmatched blockchain research. Since 2004, he has been developing boundary-pushing cryptographic algorithms and is celebrated for the roles played in designing and shaping the Monero.

Joseph focuses a lot on this development to the extent that his doctorate thesis is centered on his work in the cryptographic system is widely celebrated and popularly regarded as Linkable Ring Signatures that is being employed by the likes of Monero for efficient security and anonymity.

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