Binance Cheers Up Crypto Investors And Tron Enthusiasts With Support For TRX/BNB Trading

The crypto market has been plagued from the beginning of this year with a bearish trend that floated around, making investors sad and hopeless.

But the bearish market did not stop the most important coins and the companies behind them from achieving great developments which have been the rays of hope for crypto enthusiasts.

Things kept moving for the better, and this latest news only comes to support this.

Binance brings great news

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance comes with a massively exciting announcement for the cryptosphere.

In fact, there are two great things that the platform announces.

First of all, it just added TRX/BNB trading pair to its listing and we know that this will delight Tron enthusiasts.

Binance adds TRX/BNB pair

“Binance will open trading for a TRX/BNB trading pair at 2018/09/19 4:00 AM (UTC),” the official announcement tells us. The platform announced this on Twitter as well, where the news was received with open arms.

“Next step is a trx market on binance,” someone commented, while another person also praised this move and wrote “Amazing!!!! I was asking for this months ago! My two biggest holdings! $BNB $TRX.”

In other news, Binance plans on expanding its operations to Africa. Benjamin Rameau, Binance Labs Director, stated that the platform plans on expanding its services in Africa.

Africa has the potential for significant growth. Even more, hundreds of millions of young and technology-receptive Africans would turn to crypto as their first experience of a structured financial system, according to Rameau.

If he is right, this would be huge for crypto adoption and usability on a global scale.

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