Ambrosus: Harnessing Blockchain and IoT for the Digital Era

Ambrosus (AMB) is a blockchain and internet of things (IoT) network that specializes in bringing end-to-end data management to physical processes in the world: from supply chains, smart cities, and smart farms, to clean energy and logistics. By combining an original catalogue of IoT devices with an industrial grade blockchain (AMB-NET), Ambrosus provides a cost-effective and secure means for enterprises to share information, manage their inventories, and demonstrate the origin, quality, and journeys of their products to the end-consumer.

While largely concentrated on food and pharmaceutical supply chains as well as smart city management, the flexible infrastructure of AMB-NET, built specifically for IoT device connectivity, categorizes all data uploaded onto the network as either an ‘Asset’ or ‘Event’. Based upon this digital model, a wide array of solutions remain to be built within the ecosystem for industries across the global economy.

To contextualize the vision for the Ambrosus Ecosystem, Ambrosus Co-Founder and CEO Angel Versetti has said the following about the future digital economy and the need for holistic data management:

“The forthcoming digitization of the global economy in the coming years indicates the need for secure and distributed solutions centered on properly managing data. Perhaps no other pair of technologies is better suited for this challenge than blockchain and the internet of things. As consumers become more concerned about the quality and origin of their products, and enterprises seek out new ways of sharing data and coordinating their production lines, entirely new business models stand to be created with the potential to transform entire industries. At Ambrosus, we believe this future is best achieved when it is decentralised, open-sourced, and easily accessible for enterprises and entrepreneurs intent on embracing the digital era.”

Oracle Times Editor Author

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