3 Essential Reasons To Own Ripple’s Digital Asset XRP Long-Term, Despite The Bearish Crypto Market

This year is about to end, and everyone in the crypto space is excited about what will 2019 have in store.

Ripple has recently looked back at 2018 in their blog post, and they called this year one of the breakthroughs in the blockchain tech.

The company said that the developments which have been made so far are extremely important despite the crypto market’s fall.

Ripple is also looking forward to broader adoption of the blockchain technology in 2019, according to their blog post.

It may seem quite challenging to pick the best crypto for holding in the long run, but here are the main reasons for which Ripple’s XRP is one of your best bets.

XRP adoption expands

Not too long ago, Ripple’s CTO created a platform called Coil which is integrated with YouTube and Twitch.

Coil plans to offer content creators more ways in which they can monetize their work. They plan to do this by allowing YouTube viewers to donate XRP to channels.

The users also have the ability to use the Coil platform in order to donate to Wikipedia.

It’s also important to note that recently Coinfield, one of the world’s fattest developing crypto exchange platform, announced the expansion of its reach to 40 new countries of the world to foster cryptocurrency mainstream adoption.

Ripple’s goal is Global Domination

Lian Lian is an online retail which is massive in China, and it’s getting bigger. Back in 2017, its e-commerce market boasted a total of $627 billion.

This year, cross-border e-commerce transactions could reach $1.3 million. In order to take part in this growth, LianLian teamed up with Ripple Net to get real-time cross-border payments, invoice payments, and e-commerce payments.

Western Union is currently thinking about crypto adoption, and they’re testing Ripple’s XRP-powered product xRapid.

Increased adoption by banks

At the moment, there are more than 100 financial institutions that have adopted Ripple, and they’re taking advantage of the blockchain solutions.

During the BlockOn conference in Bahrain, Navin Gupta addressed the reasons for which Ripple is hugely focused on the cross-border payments industry.

He said that first of all, Ripple plans to solve all issues related to cross-border payments, and after that, they can begin focusing on something else as well.

These are only a few reasons for which it’s worth considering holding XRP in the long run, despite a bearish market.

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