Why is there so much hype around GGCOIN?

A new token offering is set to ignite a rival to national lotteries…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Taking advantage of blockchain technology, the GG World Lottery is attempting to deliver a different experience for players of such games, and it’s already got a fair few people interested too.

GG World Lottery entered the market for the first time in 2017, with an eye on the $237 billion of lottery tickets that are sold around the world each year. The industry has a huge potential for further growth too, but is crippled by a range of serious issues, like lack of new technology, ineffective marketing strategies, and a general lack of innovation.

Legacy lotteries are struggling to win over younger players too, , who expect all the information and engagement to be available on their mobile devices. And that’s where the GG World Lottery has come in.

By taking a multi-layered approach and combining a different marketing approach with new technology, the GG World Lottery intends to address all these issues. The project will introduce a True Random Number Generator that uses quantum physics and blockchain technology. It will guarantee that the numbers in the draws are always unique and random.

To participate in GG World’s STO (security token offering), users have to purchase the GGCOIN token, which will entitle them to receive a lifetime revenue share, based on each win on the GG World Lottery platform. Furthermore, this doesn’t require any further investment or involvement either.

Within a few days of public STO’s announcement, GG World Lottery has managed to raise $5.5 million (at a point where other fundraising efforts are struggling). The team has already developed the product and will use the funding to roll out its first national online lottery in Zambia. This will set the stage for the firm for further international expansion in the months and years ahead.

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