Swiss Federal Railway will be implementing blockchain technology to optimise record-keeping procedures

If ‘blocktrain’ doesn’t feature somewhere…

Swiss railways could be implementing blockchain technology in the near future, as Switzerland-based firm Linum Labs has just completed a proof of concept for a blockchain-based identity management system in collaboration with Swiss federal railway SBB.

Linum Labs is a Switzerland-based crypto company that specialises in building decentralised systems.

According to a blog post published by the company last Monday, the new “self-sovereign” system uses the uPort: an Ethereum-powered identity management supported by ConSenys.

While the Swiss government has enforced record-keeping requirements and security regulations to minimise malpractice on the tracks, the company described current procedures as “fairly complex,” often dealing with “multiple companies with multiple certifications working on thousands of construction sites across Switzerland.”

With so many identities needing to be recorded at once, Linum Labs says a decentralised system would “enable simple interoperability between all of the different actors.”

The new identification management system will link the unique ID’s of railway workers and authorities to separate uPort ID’s integrated on the blockchain, thereby keeping track of workers’ activities as they check in and out.

In a press release shared by Coin Telegraph, the system aims to provide an “agile working environment with a digital, audit-proof solution based on blockchain,” which the company state will help make paper-based processes more efficient.

Switzerland isn’t the first country to apply blockchain tech to public transport. In May, the Transport Minister of Malta Ian Borg announced a partnership with UK-based blockchain startup Omnitude to improve its public transport services.

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