Remember Atari? Now it’s getting into blockchain gaming

A classic videogaming name is making the jump to blockchain…

The brand name Atari went through a period where it was being traded and passed on to companies, who in turn tried to resurrect it and play on videogaming nostalgia. After all, Atari was arguably the first big name in videogames, and certainly the biggest original bankruptcy.

Since 2003, though, it’s lived under the same home, with the company Infogrames buying it up and ultimately changing its own name.

It’d be fair to say that Atari isn’t the force in gaming it once was, but the name still does hold some nostalgia. Perhaps, then, it was inevitable that as companies try to break into the slowly developing world of blockchain gaming, that the Atari name would pop up.

In partnership then with Animoca Brands (er, a less well known videogaming brand name), blockchain versions of Atari hits are going to be developed. Atari is taking a stake in the Animoca business in exchange for the blockchain rights to its games, with RollerCoaster Tycoon reportedly top of the list to make the jump. Also in the mix is the game Goon Squad, too.

No timescale has thus far been announced for the new versions of the games, nor details as to what blockchain is expected to bring to either title. Still, with Atari vested in the business, these two games are likely just the start of what both parties will presumably hope is a longer term relationship.

More on the Atari titles as we hear it…

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