Ooh, what’s this? Facebook is recruiting blockchain staff again

Facebook’s mysterious blockchain plans appear to be ongoing…

Earlier this year, speculation sparked that Facebook was looking to dive heavily into blockchain technology. It was said to be hiring a new blockchain-dedicated team, albeit only with a handful of members. Facebook stayed mum on the topic though, with just a smattering of LinkedIn profiles and job ads driving said speculation. Facebook was clearly up to something, but exactly what? No idea.

Let the speculation start again, then. For Facebook has now popped up a job advert as it looks to hire a specific blockchain software engineer. It was spotted by Mike Dundas in this Tweet, with the role being based at Facebook’s California premises.

What this says is that Facebook is still working on something related to blockchain, and that its team is still active. It may just be replacing someone who has left, it may be adding headcount to the team. What’s clear is that blockchain projects are ongoing at the social media giant.

What isn’t clear is just what Facebook is up to. This has been a mysterious project from the start, with no mention of it in any Facebook official communications. Thus, your specific guess is as good as ours on this one. But the fact that a company with the size and heft of Facebook is interested in the blockchain world is clearly sizeable news in itself.

As we hear more about this, we’ll let you know. For now, if you fancy a job as a blockchain software engineer, just know that Facebook is hiring…

Image: BigStock

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