Manufacturing platform SyncFab partners with C Block Capital to help Asian businesses

SyncFab will also support C Block’s SuperNode Project

California-based manufacturing platform SyncFab has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hong Kong-based investment company, C Block Capital.

The memorandum – as per the official press release – will see both parties collaborate in a partnership. With a strong record as “the leading supply chain management platform,” SyncFab will take responsibility over C Block’s fintech advisory clients.

C Block Capital – also an advisory firm and blockchain incubator – is backed by a large Fintech group in Asia, that holds more than 2% of the global Bitcoin mining capacity.

Together, the businesses will work to streamline the business models of clients who will benefit from blockchain supply chain innovations, with a focus toward the Pan-Asian market.

“The Asian market could reap immense benefits from the more efficient and secure documentation and specialized processes we offer on the SyncFab platform.” SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin said in a press release.

“We’re eager to collaborate with C Block Capital in making this happen as we believe their insight will be key in laying the groundwork for our community in new regions as we expand our global footprint.”

Following the partnership, there’s potential for SyncFab to contribute to C Block’s SuperNode Community Project, which aims to build a decentralised, collaborative ecosystem for blockchain start-ups to access funding.

SyncFab was founded in 2013, and holds partners in San Francisco, Oakland and West Sacramento. The company became a recognised member of the White House-appointed Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative in 2016 and now helps implement Department of Energy driven standards for Clean Energy Manufacturing.

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