Heatledger and Paytah announce the public beta for new Fiat wallet

“Fully client side authenticated”, for your peace of mind.

Finland-based blockchain software company Heatledger has announced the public beta test of new e-wallet service Crypto Fiat Wallet, in partnership with Malta-based financial services provider, Paytah.

The service – currently in live beta testing – will be “fully client side authenticated”, meaning users will be able to access their online fiat currency without sharing their personal data with service providers or third-party networks.

“Ever more cryptocurrency technology is slipping into the traditional financial services field. Heatledger is proud to be part of this transformation and looks forward to successfully keep attracting institutional partners that desire to enjoy the benefits of blockchain tech, and the competitive edge from a first-mover advantage.” said Dennis de Klerk, Heatledger CTO in the official release.

Founded in 2016, Heatledger is a global blockchain company and owner of unique public cryptocurrency HEAT (or Heuristically Enhanced Asynchronous Transactions Ledger, if you’re feeling wordy), whose core components include a sliced binary blockchain, multi-sig currencies and a whole lot of scalability.

The company has developed the software for Paytah’s Monetum project, using its scalable cryptocurrency and decentralized asset ledger to process thousands of transactions per second on private networks, according to the official release. The project is now getting ready for its Initial Coin Offering.

“This launch is a major development in the integration of traditional financial services with the new crypto technology. Likely, it is the first fully compliant client side authenticated fiat e-wallet operated under the regulative umbrella of an EU country.” Heatledger CEO, Svante Lehtinen added.

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