Guide to the Top Blockchain Conferences for 2019

Contributed article by Emily Woodham of TokenomX

Blockchain is something that we continue to hear about, along with other terms like “cryptocurrency” and, perhaps even more specifically, “Bitcoin.” This terminology is no longer reserved for those invested in financial and economic ways, but they are even spilling over into the worlds of those with a casual curiosity, or people who are looking at ways to improve their portfolios.

Whether you are a seasoned Blockchain expert, or you are just beginning to define its uses and definition, there comes a time when you always want to know more. The crypto world is always changing, so you need to keep up-to-date on trending developments and emerging processes and programs. Keeping an eye on a few websites online won’t always cut it. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have discussions with others who share the same yearning for knowledge and an updated Blockchain education?

If your answer is “yes,” then you should definitely consider attending at least one Blockchain event in 2019.

The reasons are numerous, including:

  • Speakers – You can learn from a variety of experts in the field, ranging anywhere from successful CEOs of large corporations to up-and-coming startup founders. You’ll hear lectures on a number of important topics, and you can apply what you’ve learned to your own individual needs.
  • Exhibitors – Most events will have a hall full of vendors. So, if you’ve been dying to see some new technology or a demo of a few products or applications that you’re interested in, this is the place!
  • Additional Events – You can also expect smaller lectures, along with dinners and parties. These laid-back settings can be ideal for networking and personal interaction.
  • Pricing – This will be a big part of your decision, but be sure to look at the packages. Often, you can save by signing up for a package that will include everything you want to experience.

Now you should feel a lot more educated on what exactly to look for when you are searching for a good Blockchain event. So, let’s look at what’s coming up for 2019 so you can easily plan out your conference calendar!

Blockchain Expo Global

Held in London, the Blockchain Expo Global is a massive event. While London is often seen as a leader in the financial world, especially in Europe, it’s easy to see how this super-large event draws in an impressive 12,000 attendees. Can you just imagine the networking opportunities? If this will be your first Blockchain conference and the sheer volume seems a little overwhelming to you, then you can always opt for a smaller, more manageable event. But how does that saying go about jumping in with both feet?

Speakers from 2018 included Thomas Power from 9 Spokes, Kapil Dhar from Lloyds Banking Group and Oliver Volk from Allianz.

This year’s conference will happen on April 25 and 26th, definitely making it one of the spring’s most comprehensive summits. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from over 500 speakers and shop amongst 350 exhibitors. A few of this year’s well-known speakers include:

  • David Ferguson – Head of Digital Innovation of EDF Energy
  • Julian Gray – Technology Director of BP
  • James Poulter – Head of Emerging Platforms & Sponsorship of LEGO
  • Nadeem Ladki – Director of Ripple

You can book your space online now.


TOKENOMX was previously held in Chiang Mai back in 2018, and experts viewed it as a huge success, attracting a large number of attendees and featuring a full panel of 21 experts. They included recognizable names like Barnaby Anderson from Blockchain Alchemy, Erica Blair from Blockchain Branding and Nicholas Merten from DataDash. TOKENOMX offers several unique aspects in the Asian market for Blockchain conferences, including the absolute requirement of a non-pitch policy for all of the panelists. Think along the lines of the 20-minute Ted Talks.

Something else that TOKENOMX includes with the price of your ticket is slides from all of the speakers. That way, if you miss something, you can always go back and revisit, or perhaps even share with your business partners.

TOKENONMX 2019 is going to take place in Bangkok this year on February 27-28th, and it will offer numerous packages to choose from, so that you can truly customize your conference experience. As of now, their panelists include such world-class speakers as:

  • Michael Nye – expert content creator and crypto trader
  • Sally Eaves – a co-founder and CTO of Project Shivum
  • Miko Matsumura – a founder of Evercoin
  • Nicholas Merten – the founder of DataDash

You can book your conference packages online today.


Blockchain Summit

Taking place in Hong Kong in 2018, the Blockchain Summit was noted by many to be one of the premier events of its kind for the year. It boasted over 1,000 in attendance, along with about 80 speakers and a wide variety of exhibitors. A few of the 2018 speakers included Terence Lam of Up Blockchain Technology Limited, Mun Shing Cheong of C Block Capital and Dr. Daniel Ng of Beijing Tsinghua University.

This year’s conference will once again happen in Hong Kong, but on February 27-28th. This event always tries to place a focus on four emerging Blockchain themes. The speakers for 2019 will again include a respected experts in the Blockchain realm, such as:

  • Samita Malik – Aegon Asia
  • Peter Levesque – Modern Terminals Limited
  • Ritesh Sarda – Sun Life Financial
  • Georgio Mosis – Innovative technologies

You can purchase your package now online.

CoinAdvice BlockChain Conference

Hosted in Pattaya, Thailand, the CoinAdvice BlockChain Conference is an immensely popular option when looking for a great event to attend. Last year’s conference had over 1,500 in attendance, along with around 100 speakers and a nice variety of industry vendors. This particular promoter also hosts a myriad of other financial events, so they are well-versed on putting on a successful conference.

This year’s event will be held on March 4-6th. Some of its world-class speakers will include:

  • Ali Mohammed – Co-Founder & CEO of Gold Bits Coin
  • Dr. Sarat Kumar Malik – Securities & Exchange Board of India
  • Vit Jedlicka – President of the Free Republic of Liberland
  • Alexi Lane – Everex CEO and Founder

You can set up your event package today.


Held in Hong Kong, TOKEN2049 will take place on March 13-14th, and it is gearing up to welcome over 2,000 attendees, plus at least 100 expert industry speakers. You can also expect a variety of vendors, influencers and other attendees from more than 50 different countries. This conference places a huge focus on the art of networking. However, it also explores the crypto process and trending developments.

Speakers will include:

  • Saifedean Ammous – Author and Economist
  • Charlie Lee – Creator of Litecoin
  • Bill Barhydt – CEO and Founder of Abra
  • Max Kordek – President of Lisk

You can reserve your space now.

Today, as you begin to cast your gaze into 2019 and the ever-changing world of finance, you’ll find that moving forward to achieve your personal and business goals will be easier than ever before once you’ve attended a Blockchain event. Whether this will be your first conference, or you are an old pro attending for the numerous networking opportunities, you’ll definitely be glad that you made the educated choice to add at least one event to your business calendar in 2019.

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