ELSOL Releases INFLEUM Decentralized Advertising Platform With Branding Solutions For Startups

ELSOL Company is a leading brand publishing firm in the world. Now, ELSOL releases INFLEUM, a decentralized advertising and trading platform, aimed to turn startups’ projects into profitable ones, according to the official press release on this topic.

According to business management experts, every company has to make it through the so-called “Death Valley” period which occurs in the first three to five years since the startup launched on the market. However, only 40% of the new businesses make it through, while the rest of 60% fail due to poor marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, social media and online marketing might be excellent ideas to promote emerging startups, but they are costly strategies most of the time for the companies in their first months of existence.

For that reason, ELSOL launched INFLEUM blockchain-based advertising solution that aims to address all the shortcomings of the conventional marketing strategies. INFLEUM gathers startups, advertisers, content creators, bloggers and consumers on a single decentralized platform.

INFLEUM Decentralized Advertising Platform With Branding Solutions For Startups Launched By ELSOL Company

“ELSOL services give brands extra time and resources to focus solely on their business development, reaching an efficiency rate where a new brand can be launched as a business within 100 days. INFLEUM is based on ELSOL’s in-house platforms. We hope to provide the solutions and infrastructure that support the growth of independent brands on DAPPs, and will also integrate new functions for connecting and rewarding users,” said Phoenix Choi, INFLEUM CEO & Co-Founder.

INFLEUM decentralized advertising platform is based on three primary features:

  • Combined wallet service – Permits clients to handle INFLEUM crypto tokens, which are the primary way of payments within the platform, and smart contracts, as well;
  • DApps – Redito, Redink, Retteb, Redinero, Redichek, Channeljoy, Socu, and Reditail;
  • INFLEUM ecosystem – Enables customers to access various additional services, such as social networking, advertising, commercial features, crowdfunding, and content publishing;

In short, INFLEUM decentralized advertising platform is an open-source, blockchain-based solution to help startups conduct successful marketing campaigns in a transparent environment that unites advertisers, customers, content creators, and startups.

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