Blockchain-based workout app Lympo aims to become health and fitness’ “own Uber”

No chain, no gain…

To new fitness start-up Lympo, sweating over one’s cryptocurrency needn’t be a bad thing. Apparently determined to prove that sweating over crypto needn’t always be a bad thing, fitness start-up Lympo have announced a new fitness app designed to encourage healthy living by rewarding workouts with crypto tokens.

Tokens are awarded for completing simple walking and running challenges via an app called Lympo Run. The tokens – known as LYM – have real monetary value and can be used to buy sports gear from the in-app Lympo Shop.

In a separate announcement made this Tuesday, the company revealed a new marketing tool that enables gyms and other fitness representatives to increase brand awareness by hosting sponsored challenges on Lympo Run.

“Instead of paying large sums of money to traditional marketing providers, businesses can now instead distribute that same money to everyday people seeking to live a more active life, at the same time increasing their brand awareness and proving their social responsibility.” said Gintautas Nekrosius Lympo Chief Marketing Officer.

By allowing users to monetize their physical activity, the start-up aims to encourage worldwide healthy living, while giving businesses and investors access to a worldwide community of health and fitness enthusiasts.

Ultimately, Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse sees it becoming the Uber of the fitness world (source: The Sociable):

“The health and fitness industry needs its own Uber and this is what we’re striving to become, step by step. In the future, in addition to earning money for living a more active life, Lympo Run users will also be able to easily find and communicate with a personal coach and access a trove of information on sports, health and living an active lifestyle.”

The software is set to launch in the U.S. next month during an NBA Mavericks event in Dallas, Texas.

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