Bittrex and unite for new European crypto digital trading platform

A union between and Bittrex is resulting in a major new EU-focused cryptocurrency digital trading platform.

American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has announced a brand new partnership with, that’s resulting in a fresh digital trading platform., a fintech specialist, will lend its brand name to the new platform. The aim is to marry up Bittrex’s trading technology and selection of nearly 200 digital tokens with’s expertise in derivative and equity trading, and portfolio management.

Pre-registration for the new platform is here:

The stated aim of it is to “create a world leading global digital crypto-based exchange platform which empowers new and experienced traders to actively manage their crypto finances”.

That all sounds a bit blurb-y, granted, but digging a little deeper, the new platform will initially be EU-focused, and safety and security seem high up the priority list. Eventually, the aim is to expand beyond the EU, but it’ll be European-centric at first. Presumably, the further selling point is the combination of traditional trading expertise with digital currency and blockchain technologies. and Bittrex also have plans to grow their new partnership with other, thus-far-unannounced projects.

In the words of Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara, “Blockchain technology has the potential to provide groundbreaking solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. That’s why every action we take is geared toward advancing this emerging technology, including launching this new trading platform with This partnership will increase customers’ access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects and further drive adoption of this revolutionary technology. Today’s announcement is another exciting step forward for the industry and Bittrex as we continue expanding our global footprint through new services and strategic partnerships”.

When we have a date for the platform’s formal launch, we’ll let you know.

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