Aeternity’s new scalable blockchain Roma has been released

Miners, developers and early adopters are encouraged to contribute to the ecosystem.

Open-source tech aeternity has released the first live implementation of its next-gen scalable blockchain, Roma.

According to a blog post published by the company this Tuesday, this first release is aimed particularly at the platform’s technical community and allows early adopters, miners and developers to address bugs in the aeternity network and improve its security.

For doing so, they could be rewarded with aeternity’s AE token.

“After two years’ hard work, æternity has created a system that delivers on the original promise of enabling faster transactions without sacrificing rich functionality and decentralization.” aeternity founder Yanislav Malahov said in a statement.

“The protocol is based on an entirely new architecture that builds on the lessons learned over the past 10 years of blockchain-focused research. The launch of Roma is an important step toward mainstream adoption. We think of æternity as a community-centered blockchain. We will continue to develop and propose the incorporation of new features and improvements to the protocol. Our main goal is to continuously increase its user-friendliness and enhance its utility for developers and users.”

Given the network is only in its initial phase, there’ll likely be a fair few bugs to iron out, and early adopters are reminded to use caution when transferring their tokens between different accounts.

aeternity’s also been gearing toward education of late. Last month it partnered with peer-to-peer online education service Dacade to launch a free course to help beginners get to grips with blockchain technology.

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